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Orlando offers some of the best outlets and malls in the world for shopping, as well as numerous department stores with excellent prices and qualities. It is possible to buy designer products at considerably cheaper prices. In this post we bring some fundamental tips for you to buy in Orlando taking advantage of the best and also with security.

6 tips you need to know before shopping in Orlando

1 – Make a list of what you need to buy

Most people leave the hotel to shop in Orlando without any planning. At most they imagine one or the other item they need to buy. However, few make a list of what they really need. Making a shopping list is essential so that you don’t waste time in the Orlando outlets, which are huge, and also avoid spending money for nothing. Enjoy the tip!

Define and prioritize the stores you intend to visit and leave the others for later, if time is left, so you don’t lose focus on shopping.

2 – Make a shopping tour

With the list in hand, search the websites of the various outlets and malls where the stores are located. Especially if you go to Orlando’s premium outlets, it is essential that you have a map to know where the stores are. The outlets are huge and you won’t want to find out the location of the stores by trial and error. Now that you have the list of items you need to buy, see on the map which stores sell the products and which are closest. Draw a script. This helps a lot!

Print the outlet map before leaving the hotel. Maps of Orlando’s two main outlets can be found at this link: Orlando Outlets Map.

3 – Take advantage of discount coupons

In the United States, the culture of coupons is ingrained. Coupons can be downloaded directly from the outlets website and most stores accept the online version of the coupon.

To download the coupons go to the website and register in the VIP Area:

Now that you have your product list and store itinerary, check which stores in your itinerary are offering coupons and download directly from the site.

4 – Try to arrive early

Arriving early is important for two reasons: 1 – Finding a parking space in a safe place and 2 – Taking advantage of the empty stores.

Orlando outlets tend to get crowded and finding a parking space can be a challenge. In the next topic we explain the importance of trying to park the car in busier places, for safety reasons.

In addition, as soon as the outlet opens the stores are more empty and the purchase will be more pleasant. You will be able to taste the products calmly and without queues. Another great advantage is that, as the products have not yet started to be sold, the chances of finding what you are looking for are greater.

5 – Park in the busiest places

Trickster exists anywhere. Of course, security in Orlando is much better than many environments we find in other places in the US, but it is important to be aware. Hardly anyone will approach you to take your shopping, but make sure there are some smarties watching your bags. Whenever you can, park your car in the busiest locations, near the entrance to the stores or near the security booths. Find out more about safety tips for in Orlando.

6 – Enjoy the holidays (bigger discounts)

Generally on holiday days, outlets offer larger discounts. The day before and the day after too. This is because the outlets know that these days the movement is greater and they want to make the most of the promotions to drive sales. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed the tips! Happy shopping and have fun!

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