Planning is important in any sales process and it is certainly not different for selling Real Estate. With 20 years of selling properties in Florida, the AMG Realty team developed an efficient Selling Marketing Plan to assure a safe, fast and profitable process for your property. Learn more below about how our sales & marketing team will prepare your property for the market and expose it to literally millions of potential buyers.

1 - Stand out over the competition

Fisrt step is prepare your property to make an amazing first impression to your targeted public. Our Marketing team will analyse all aspects of your property and develop a step-by-step guide, which consists of professional advices and a powerful check list of what needs to be taken care before the promotion.

2 - Expose to millions of potential buyers

Now that your property is ready for the market, let’s focus on your potential buyers. Internet is nowadays the most important marketing environment for Real Estate, and that is why AMG Realty has a strong online presence and keep investing heavily on digital marketing. Through internet AMG Realty is able to reach literally millions of Americans and globally potential buyers interested in investing in Florida Real Estate. Learn more about our strong online presence

3 - Reach thousands of realtors

Besides exposing to millions of potential buyers inside and outside America, it is also important to expose your property to the Top Realtors in Florida. At AMG we have a strong relation with the market and top realtors to make sure your property gets coverage right away. Besides, we have an extense database with over 40,000 (forty thousand) Florida realtors that frequently receive our “Just Listed” newsletter. That means the sale of your property will also be worked by thousands of other realtors, who most probably have potential clients on their list.

4 - Reports & Follow Up

All the marketing tools and online channels we work offer detailed metrics of the campaigns. This way our staff is able to identify the best actions to sell your property and prioritize. Our sales & marketing team will send you a report with the metrics and campaigns performance, so you will be able to follow up with us.

Strong Online Presence

Below are some of the online channels we work, with campaigns running 24/7, specially to promote the properties we were trusted to sell well and fast.

Zillow & Trulia

The entire world looks for properties on Zillow and Trulia and we know that very well! That is why we spend a lot of marketing resources on these channels, not only to advertise our own brand, but mainly to promote all the properties listed with us.

Check our profiles on Zillow and Trulia, the two best Real Estate websites in USA. Read all the good reviews AMG Realty has and also our sales background.

Email Marketing

In more than 15 years of operation, we have built an extensive database with tens of thousands of people interested in acquiring real estate in Florida. We are talking about real potential buyers that already connected at least once with us. All these people receive and engage with our Email Marketing Campaigns, which are done in a very professional way by our marketing team, with the appropriate segmentation, disclosing the properties listed with us for the targeted public.

Facebook & Instagram

Did you know that Facebook and Instagram are two of the most important channels to advertise Real Estate? You can literally reach millions of users with specific interests and behaviors that best matches the willing to buy a specific property (your property).
On AMG Realty we have Social Media experts in our team working both organic and paid campaigns running 24/7. Our profiles and pages have more than 100 thousand engaged American and global followers. All that exposure will go to your property and help it sell better and faster!

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most powerful paid marketing tools on internet. It allows your page to show at the very first positions on Google Search Results for a specif search term. And that is very efficient since the person searching for the term will find your website first and most probably click on it.
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