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Airbnb Inc. and Miami developer Harvey Hernandez appear to have ended at least part of their joint venture providing for the development of home-sharing units weeks after trading lawsuits.

San Francisco-based Airbnb and Hernandez and his NGD Homesharing LLC, which is developing projects intended for short-term rentals under the Niido and Natiivo brands, filed notices of  voluntary dismissal with prejudice Tuesday after entering a confidential settlement. Airbnb’s case was dismissed Wednesday.

The notices gave no details of the settlement, but the parties appeared to scale back their relationship.

Airbnb and Miami Real Estate Developer End Lawsuits, Minimize Partnership

“Moving forward, our relationship with Mr. Hernandez and NGD/Niido/Natiivo will not mirror our prior operating relationship,” Airbnb said in an emailed statement. ”We look forward to continuing to work with real estate partners to help guests have amazing experiences and hospitality entrepreneurs grow their businesses.”

Hernandez in an emailed statement added he is happy the lawsuits are over.

“Now it’s business as usual. I look forward to continuing work with Airbnb and other home-sharing booking platforms in the future,” he said.

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