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From 9 February to 14 June, 2020, Art Deco by the Sea is a major new exhibition that explores how the Art Deco style shaped the modern seaside during the 1920s and 30s. In a new age of mass tourism, new coastal resorts were built and existing resorts modernised using the Deco style while the networks of transport – by road, rail, sea and air – met the needs of the modern traveller.

Art Deco by the Sea: EXHIBITION

The show celebrates iconic examples of seaside architecture, from hotels and apartment blocks, to piers, cinemas and lidos, and reveals how Art Deco became the key style for pleasure, leisure and entertainment. Through some 130 works including paintings, posters, brochures, drawings, photographs, fashion, furniture, ceramics and textiles, the exhibition explores the sports, activities and amusements of the seaside between the wars.

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