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Barceloneta Miami is a new Spanish Mediterranean bistro that brings the best of fusion cuisine to the heart of South Beach. The establishment belongs to the same group of Pubbelly Gastropub and Pubbelly Sushi. Have a craft beer while enjoying amazing Barcelona and Madrid tapas.

Barceloneta Miami

Famous Dishes at Barceloneta Miami

Barceloneta Miami opens for brunch, lunch and dinner. The menu is very creative with many options. Below we show some famous dishes at this restaurant in Miami Beach. If you want to know more about the menu go to: Barceloneta’s Menu

Esqueixada – The Catalan Ceviche


Courtesy of Chat Chow TV

Esqueixada is a typical plate from Catalunya. Actually the dish is known as the Catalan ceviche, since it is made of raw codfish. At Barceloneta Miami the fish is not always cod, but sometimes other super-fresh fish selected locally. The plate consists of raw fish, special tomato sauce (grated tomatoes, garlic and olive oil), another special sauce they don’t reveal the secret (that is why it is so good!), dry olives, pepper and sea salt. The name “Esqueixada” comes from “esqueixar” meaning “to shred”. The original way to do it is by shredding the codfish with the hands. Watch this video of Chef Juliana preparing the esqueixada.

Spanish Croque at Barceloneta Miami

Spanish Croque

Courtesy of Chat Chow TV

You probably have heard about the famous french croque-monsieur sandwich. Now you have the chance to taste the delicious Spanish version of it in Miami! Imagine a traditional “pan con tomate” (bread and tomato) with slices of amazing Ibérico or Serrano Ham. All that with selected cheese and special béchamel sauce. The picture above describes better!

Wagyu tartare

Tartare Barceloneta Miami

Courtesy of Chat Chow TV

Raw Australian Wagyu beef with special mustard sauce, capers, selection of herbs and apple peaces on the top

Pulpo a feira

Pulpo a Feira

Courtesy of Chat Chow TV

The picture above looks more like a kind of soup, but it is octopus! Octopus on fire (Pulpo a feira). You cant see all the legs because they are all hidden in the special very-well-seasoned potato foam.


Courtesy of Chat Chow TV

Do you like French Toast? Try them the Spanish way! The name is Torrijas and it is served with a special apple sauce (syrup texture).

Juliana Gonzales fusion-cooking experience

Now that you’ve tasted with your eyes some delicious dishes at Barceloneta Miami, you might be asking where all these creative fusion-cuisine recipes came from? Meet Chef Juliana Gonzales and know a little about her history:

Chef Juliana Gonzales

Juliana Gonzales: Executive Chef at Barceloneta Restaurant South Beach

Executive Chef Juliana Gonzales worked in many international recognized restaurants, including the two Michelin Star La Broche Sergi Arola in Spain (2002), where she learned how to operate and manage a Michelin star kitchen with all the strict rules and cares with the quality of the food and service. Later in 2006 she had a great experience with Asian culinary at The Setai Restaurant in Miami where she learned a lot about exotic dishes from Thailand, Japan, China and India.

All that experience combining Mediterranean food in Spain with the Asian influence at The Setai should be more than enough to qualify Juliana Gonzales as an experienced Fusion Cuisine Chef. But she also had her French influence, by working with Chef David Bouley at David Bouley’s Evolution Restaurant. What is next? Japanese! In 2008 Juliana Gonzales worked in Sushisamba at Lincoln Road.

Spanish Mediterranean Food

All that fusion-cooking experience was brought to Barceloneta Miami where Juliana now holds the position of Executive Chef. So, if you want to understand the concept of Fusion Cuisine with a strong Spanish Mediterranean influence, Barceloneta Miami Restaurant is the perfect place.

Juliana Gonzales fusion-cooking experience


Barceloneta Miami – Hours & Location

Address: 1400 20th Street – Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: 305.538.9299
Official Website:

Brunch: Sunday 12 PM – 4 PM
Lunch: Friday to Sunday – 12 pm – 4pm
Dinner: Sunday – Thursday 6 PM – 11 PM – Friday & Saturday 5 PM – 12 AM

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