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Are there beaches in Orlando? No and yes! In fact, the city of Orlando is in a central area of ​​the State of Florida. It is therefore not a coastal city. However, for this reason, it is very close to both East and West Florida beaches. Some are less than 1 (one) hour away by car. It is perfectly possible to take your car and spend a day on one of the amazing beaches nearby. Thre is no need to spend the night and you will be able to rest from visiting the parks.

In this respect, the city of Orlando began to rival coastal Florida cities like Miami. No wonder the Orlando real estate market has boomed in recent years. Foreigners started to buy houses in Orlando near Disney and, with that, they can enjoy the best of both worlds: 1 – Parks and 2 – Beaches nearby Orlando. Not to mention that both Miami and Orlando offer excellent outlets if shopping is your addiction.

So we decided to gather in this article some of the best beaches near Orlando. Let’s see:

Daytona Beach – Best beaches in Orlando

Daytona Beach is also known as “Orlando Beach” and is famous for being one of the most beautiful littoral in Florida. The city is close to Orlando, about an hour’s drive, and offers much more than beautiful beaches. Daytona Beach is also the headquarters of Nascar and where several Stock Car races take place. In March the city is transformed by the Spring Break, when it is invaded by students from all over Florida. If you are looking for excitement and parties, this is the best time to visit the city. If you are not….well then you should avoid this period of the year to visit Daytona. Find out more about Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach - Best beaches in Orlando


For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Orlando, Clearwater is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a beautiful beach. Clearwater is one of the beaches in Orlando near Disney that attracts tourists all year round. Just 1-hour drive away from Orlando, you will find the beautiful Clearwater that is known for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and great tourist infrastructure. For this reason, it is considered one of the best cities on the coast of Florida, and it is certainly worth visiting. In addition to the paradisiacal beaches, Clearwater has a famous aquarium – the Clearwater Marine Aquarium – which we will talk about next and other attractions that attract many tourists, such as diving, stand-up paddle, parasailing, jet ski or boat trips, shopping malls, restaurants and many interesting places.

Clearwater Beach Florida

Vero Beach

Vero Beach is a very quiet, hospitable seaside town with stunning views of the ocean. Located in Indian River County, the city is close to Orlando, just 170 km away. Vero Beach is a true oasis to rest and relax with the whole family. If you are looking to escape the routine, Vero Beach offers a wide variety of activities for tourists such as golf, fishing, boat trips and water sports along the city’s paradisiacal beaches. In addition to these programs, Vero Beach has a lot of entertainment and leisure in parks, museums and shopping malls, not to mention trendy stores such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap Factory, Adidas, Carter’s, Polo, Nike, Banana Republic, among others with prices great, especially in relation to the famous Orlando outlets. More adventurous visitors can surf, snorkel, skydive and hike to explore intensely the natural beauty that Vero Beach offers.

Vero Beach
Image: Dan Lamson – residents pictures –

Cocoa Beach – One of the best beaches in Orlando

Cocoa Beach is undoubtedly the perfect destination to enjoy a pleasant day at the beach, play sports, like surfing and have fun in the varied attractions that the place offers. Cocoa Beach is one of the main cities in Florida, located in Brevard County, less than 100 km from Orlando (about 1-hour trip), so if you are staying at Disney, it is possible to do a “round trip” ” on the same day. The place attracts many young people and surfers, so the city resembles California’s famous and famous beaches. Cocoa Beach is the hometown of surfer Kelly Slater, who was 11 times world champion.

Cocoa Beach

Madeira Beach

A little further away than the other beaches listed in this article, Madeira Beach makes the trip worthwhile. Be sure to enjoy the incredible sunsets (one of the most beautiful in Florida).

St Pete Beach

St Petersburg, Florida, is known as the “City of the Sun” because of its pleasant climate most of the year. Located in the famous Tampa Bay on the Gulf of Florida, St. Petersburg is 40 km away from Tampa and only 1h 40 minutes’ drive from Orlando. The destination attracts many visitors looking for entertainment, culture and fun. It is a great suggestion for a city near Orlando to visit. Tourists can not miss the beautiful beaches of St Petersburg, take boat trips, fishing, golf, visit museums and parks by the sea, such as the Salvador Dalí Museum, with beautiful surreal works. The city offers many attractions and excitement during the day and at night, in ballads, bars and restaurants of the most varied cuisines (seafood, Japanese, Italian, among others), shops and entertainment, several must-see public parks that must certainly be included in your travel itinerary.

St Pete Beach near Orlando

New Smyrna Beach: Best beaches in Orlando Florida

New Smyrna Beach, or NSB as it is also known, is located in Volusia County, on the east coast of Florida. The city is famous for being one of Florida’s top surfing destinations. It is very close to Orlando – 115 km away (less than an hour by car). So close that it is possible to do a round trip. However, the ideal is to stay at least two days in the city, as there are plenty of must-see attractions to explore. In addition to surfing, New Smyrna Beach attracts thousands of tourists in search of beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature, ecotourism, arts, good food and entertainment.

The city is divided into two parts by the River Indian Lagoon: 1 – The continental part, which houses the historic center and 2 – The other part where the beaches are. Both are connected by the Causeways South and North bridge.

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