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Mocktails are becoming popular. More and more people are choosing to abstain from alcohol. Being sober-curious is a trend that’s grown greatly over the past few years. In 2019, reported that one in every five people participates in Dry January.

Luckily, many South Florida restaurants and bars offer mocktails for drinkers who are skipping booze but still want to keep an active social life. One of the best mocktails in Miami is offered at Zuma Japanese Restaurant in Downtown. It is the Iced Tea made with matcha, green tea, passionfruit, and a hint of lemon.

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Best mocktails in Miami

More about “Dry January”

January can be a time to start fresh, and for many Americans, that includes going (temporarily) alcohol-free. Nearly one-quarter (23%) of Americans recently reported that they had plans to participate in “Dry January,” where people abstain from drinking alcohol for the month of January, generally in an effort to improve health. When asked about Dry January in late December, 21% of Americans said that they think it’s a good idea and they plan to participate in it. An equal number (21%) said they think Dry January is a good idea, but they won’t be participating.

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