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Brickell is getting a new boutique retail. Recently, six families acquired 1101 S. Miami Avenue. CMC Group sold its one-story Brickell Flatiron sales center for $6.5 million to Argentine investors. This was after that project closed out sales last month. Companies from around the world are already interested in the new development. In fact, a restaurant from Colombia, another one from London, two from Mexico, and a few retail companies have been inquiring after the site. The Argentine investors will decide on a tenant by the end of this year, and construct the space to open in 2023.

During the pandemic, many restaurants and retailers had to close. However, Brickell has a high population that is able to sustain demand for retailers and restaurants. Right now, the financial hub is gaining a lot of popularity. Many businessmen, digital nomads, and more are returning to work at the offices in Brickell. Therefore, it is a great area to open up businesses. Right now, the area has a population of about 52,000 residents. This was an increase from the area’s 26,000 dwellers in 2010. Currently, many people have been looking for real estate opportunities in Brickell because it is a very vibrant and lively area.

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new retail space coming to Brickell
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