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Anyone who thinks Florida comes down to Orlando and Miami will be surprised to learn that there are several other cities near Orlando and Miami that offer diverse attractions, cultural wealth and a lot of history. Did you know that it is in the state of Florida that is the oldest city in the USA? And that it is possible to go to the beach while staying in Orlando? Orlando is very close to the best beaches in Florida. Orlando is an amazing city and has a lot to offer besides the parks.

Because it is located in a central region, the city of Orlando is just minutes away from the main cities in Florida. This is one of the main reasons why the city is one of the main destinations for international investors looking for homes to buy and live in Orlando.

See in this article 9 amazing cities near Orlando to visit.

1 – Tampa

Tampa is a city located on the west coast of Florida and is considered the second largest city in the state in size, after Jacksonville. Tampa is among the best cities near Orlando to visit! There are 135 km of distance that can be covered in 1h 30 by car. Tampa is a place that surprises visitors with the beauty of the city and the incredible attractions it offers, including the famous Busch Gardens park. Discover some of Tampa’s top attractions and things to do.

Tampa - Cities near Orlando you must visit

2 – Saint Augustine: oldest city in the United States

Saint Augustine is the oldest city in the USA, founded in 1565 by Spanish colonists. The city brings a lot of history in its architecture and buildings of more than 300 years. Saint Augustine is a 2 hour drive from Orlando. Spend at least two days to see all the attractions of this historic and culturally rich city. Find out more about Saint Augustine.

2 - Saint Augustine: oldest city in the United States

3 – Winter Garden

Winter Garden is a small town north of Orlando, famous for its preserved and very charming historic center. Enjoy the shops, cafes, pastry shops, restaurants and even a famous craft brewery in the region. On weekends there is a small fair of local producers, very interesting. For bike lovers, take the opportunity to take a tour of the West Orange Trail, a 35 km trail that runs through the center of Winter Garden and goes to Lake Apopka. Learn more about Winter Garden.

Winter Garden

4 – Winter Park

Winter Park is another charming little town north of Orlando. Little known to tourists, the city still preserves that atmosphere typical of a small town in central Florida. Like Winter Garden, the city offers a variety of restaurants, cafés, pastry shops, bars and even a chocolate factory! Another novelty in Winter Park is The Wine Room, a mix of liquor store and wine cellar with an unusual and modern way for tasting. Learn more about Winter Park.

Winter Park

5 – Daytona Beach is among the most recommended beach towns near Orlando to visit

Less than an hour from Orlando, on the east coast of Florida, the city of Daytona is known as Orlando beach. It is also home to NASCAR! It is perfectly possible to take a day trip to Daytona Beach and relax in the parks for a day. Like Daytona, there are other cities near Orlando with beaches, both on the east coast and on the west coast. In the next topic, we’ll talk about Clearwater. Learn more about Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach is among the most recommended beach towns near Orlando to visit

6 – Clearwater

Clearwater is another beach town close to Orlando. Like Daytona Beach, Clearwater is approximately 1 hour’s drive from Orlando, but is located on the West Coast. For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the parks, Clearwater is the ideal place to relax and enjoy. The city also offers other attractions, including a famous Aquarium. Learn more about Clearwater in Florida.


7 – St Petersburg

St. Petersburg is also called “The city of the sun”. Located in Tampa Bay, near Clearwater, the city offers pleasant weather almost all year round. The city is only 1 hour 40 minutes from Orlando by car. St Petersburg offers many interesting walks, museums, beaches, an incredible botanical garden, among other attractions. Learn a little more about St Petersburg in Florida.

St Pete Florida

8 – Vero Beach

Vero Beach is a beach town on the east coast of Florida. The city is 170 km from Orlando (approximately 1h 40 by car). In addition to paradisiacal beaches, the city is famous for its golf courses, boat trips, fishing and various water sports. The city also offers museums, shopping malls and several designer stores with prices similar to Orlando’s outlets. Learn more about Vero Beach.

Vero Beach

9 – Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is one of the main cities in Florida, located in Brevard County, less than 100 km from Orlando (about 1 hour trip), so if you are staying at Disney, it is possible to do a “round trip” ” on the same day. The place attracts many young people and surfers, so the city resembles California’s famous and famous beaches. Cocoa Beach is the birthplace of surfer Kelly Slater who was 11 times world champion. Learn more about Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach

Mount Dora

Mount Dora is more of a hidden gem around Orlando. Few Brazilians know this small refuge about 1 hour from downtown Orlando. The city, with just over 12 thousand inhabitants, is very typical American and looks more like a historic village, on the shores of Lake Dora (Lake Dora). Few Brazilians or tourists know this refuge in central Florida. The city is famous for its festivals and relaxed life. Walk around the center and enjoy the great restaurants, many with live music. The city has a lot of French influence, which can be seen in the cuisine and renowned restaurants. Learn more about Mount Dora.

Mount Dora Orlando Florida
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