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Condominiums have always been a huge part of South Florida, shaping the skyline, and making the city look more beautiful. However, now more than ever the condo market in Miami is changing to accomodate the high demand. So much so, that thousands of new units are being built, and there are more in the pipeline.

The pandemic has caused almost 900 a day to move to Florida. This has caused developers and construction crews to work extra hard in order to deliver. Not only that, but the condo market in Miami itself is changing and evolving.

Right now, luxury condos are becoming more extravagant than ever. Developers are designing these to bring luxury to the next level. From incredible units, to breathtaking amenities, these new constructions truly have it all. In addition, now more than ever there is a lot of diversity among condo classes. Developers are focusing on different living needs, and coming up with various development styles. Furthermore, sustainability and resilience in condos is becoming very important. Architects and developers are designing condos that are more eco-friendly. For example, at The Estates of Acqualina, the amenities have been thought out to better align with tropical living.

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the condo market in Miami is thriving

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