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The Crayola Experience in Orlando is yet another successful immersive attraction in the city. Who does not remember the boxes with colored crayons and pointed, wrapped by a protective cover to hold? The centenary box was part of our childhood and now brings an interactive experience that allows us to stimulate our imagination. In a space of more than 70 thousand square feet (6,500 m2) your children will immerse themselves in an interactive and super colorful experience, with the help of highly technological resources.

Crayola Experience Orlando: Unleash your imagination in this immersive experience

Imagine the joy of the little ones knowing that they will be able to scribble walls and walls of a mini-city (just remember to explain not to do it at home …. :)! How about coloring your favorite character on paper and watching it come to life in an animated 3D computer illustration? You can even take a selfie with him! And the fun doesn’t stop there! There are more than 20 immersive activities for you to have fun with your children.

The Crayola Experience is inside the Florida Mall in Orlando and the ideal is to book half a day to enjoy the attraction well. It is a great suggestion to rest a bit of the parks marathon, to offer very cost-effective.

There you will also find a Crayola store, attached to the attraction, with several brand products, from traditional crayon boxes, as well as T-shirts, toys, games and other interesting souvenirs.

Continue reading to know the main attractions, values ​​and opening hours:

Main attractions at Crayola Experience Orlando

The attractions listed above are what we consider to be the main attractions of Crayola Experience. To know all click here

Wrap it up

In Wrap it up you choose the name of your chalk box and still design the packaging. Personalize everything, print and label the box. Take it home as an unforgettable memory of the place.

Scribble Square

Imagine a mini neighborhood with houses, walls, streets and statues that children can scribble at will. At Sribble Square it is like that. If little ones are forbidden to do this at home, they will not have this limit here.

Be a & nbsp; Star

Take a picture and print it in the drawing format and then color it right there, with Crayola crayons and markers.

Melt & amp; Mold

Melt the crayons and pour the melted dough in some available shapes so that it acquires the new shape.

Drip Art

Here, too, the chalk is melted and falls onto a round paper that keeps spinning like a disc. As the chalk drips on the paper that spins at high speed an abstract colored texture is forming. Play with the different colors and watch the magic happen.

Puzzle it

Puzzle means “puzzle” in English. This activity is just that. Make a drawing and then cut it into small puzzle pieces to keep as a souvenir.

Color Magic

This is one of the main attractions of the Crayola Experience. Paint your favorite character and then scan it on a computer that will transform you into a three-dimensional animated figure. You can choose the different backgrounds and even take a selfie with your character that came to life on the computer.

Crayola Experience

Where to eat?

The Crayola Experience offers a snack bar and a café. Café Crayola offers pizza, hot dogs, salads and there are even gluten-free options on the menu. The Snack Shack snack bar is for those who want something quicker and don’t want to sit down to eat.

And if the options within the Crayola Experience do not satisfy you, there is no shortage of alternatives in the surroundings. As already mentioned, the attraction is inside the Florida Mall. Some suggestions at the mall that are close to Crayola are: Garibaldi Mexican Cuisine, American Girl Bistro, Pizza Hut and Five Guys & Shake Shack.

How much does Crayola Experience cost

To check prices and tickets visit:


Where is Crayola Experience

The Crayola Experience is located inside The Florida Mall in Orlando. The exact address is as follows:

Address: 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail – Orlando, FL 32809

Phone: 407.757.1700

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