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Disney left Orlando?!

Don’t worry! Disney is still in there, in the same place as always! The post title has a purposeful appeal. The idea is to draw attention to the fact that Disney, in fact, was never in Orlando! What?

Disney left Orlando?!

Not only has Disney never been to Orlando, but there is a good chance you never been there either!

It turns out that, most of the times we refer to Orlando, we are talking about another nearby city.

Disney, for example, is in Lake Buena Vista, another city within the same county where Orlando is located (Orange County). The Disney complex is so big that part of it invades the small town of Kissimmee.

And Kissimmee is where most tourists rent Vacation Homes in Orlando. That is why, probably, when you say you traveled to Orlando, you may have stayed in Kissimmee or another city in the surrounding area and never even visited Orlando.

The city of Kissimmee is in another county (Osceola) and is often mistaken for an Orlando neighborhood.

And did you know that in the vicinity of Orlando there are several super charming little towns about 20 or 30 minutes away by car? Some of them are little known to tourists and still retain a typical village atmosphere in central Florida. Some of the most luxurious home condos in Florida are located in these cities.

Most of the time that we at AMG Realty sell a property to a foreigner or an out-of-state client in Orlando, the property is not actually in Orlando. They are condominiums in cities like Windermere, Winter Garden, Kissimmee, Clermont, Davenport, Winter Park, among others.

On your next trip to Orlando, try to book a day or two on your itinerary to discover some of these charming communities. Try to escape from the parks and shopping and be amazed with everything Orlando has to offer besides the parks.

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