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Disney Springs is a shopping, leisure and entertainment center for the Walt Disney Company, formerly known as Downtown Disney. It is located within the Walt Disney World complex, on Bay Lake in Florida, close to Orlando. The construction of the site is inspired by the beautiful Florida villages of the 19th century.

Disney Springs Orlando: Complete Guide

The visitor finds excellent restaurants, of the most varied cuisines, shops, theater, live music and lots of entertainment, with all the magic and interactivity that only the Disney experience provides.

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The best option to visit Disney Springs and enjoy special moments with friends and family is at the end of the day, as during this period there are several shows, and the tourist finds several restaurant options for dinner.

The location is huge, so it is divided into four major areas – The Landing, Marketplace, West Side and Town Center.

See the main attractions, restaurants and shops that you find in Disney Springs and put this tour on your itinerary.

What to do at Disney Springs

There are plenty of leisure and entertainment options for all ages and tastes in Disney Springs.

The visitor finds live music, concerts, several leisure options to entertain the children, plays and more.

Discover some of the main attractions:

Vintage Amphicar & Italian Water Taxi Tours

The first is a fun amphibious car ride for the whole family at Lake Buena Vista, while the second is a more intimate water ride option.

Vintage Amphicar & Italian Water Taxi Tours


The World Leader in Balloon Flight: This fantastic balloon tour passes through Disney Spring and other tourist attractions in the Disney complex. It is one of the most popular tours by tourists.


AMC Movies at Disney Springs 24

For those who do not miss the premieres of cinema, this space is the perfect place to enjoy Disney releases with great comfort and convenience. Children have a unique experience and adults can enjoy drinks and meals during sessions.

NBA Experience at Disney Springs

NBA fans can’t help but experience this unforgettable experience that combines all the Disney atmosphere and magic with NBA emotions.

Marketplace Train Express

This little train ride is a hit with the little ones. Plenty of fun guaranteed!

See the complete leisure program and entertainment in Disney Springs: and

Disney Springs Restaurants

Disney Springs offers many options of international and local cuisine, for all tastes and budgets. There you will find fast meals in the style of fast food, good sweets or more sophisticated options.

Discover some of the main restaurants and trendiest candy stores in Disney Spring that are worth visiting.

Pepe by José Andrés

This Spanish restaurant is one of the most popular in Disney Spring. Renowned chef José Andrés won awards and Michelin stars. The restaurant offers sandwiches, gazpacho soups, salads and the famous Spanish sangria.

Pepe by José Andrés at Disney Springs Orlando

Amorette’s Patisserie

This famous pâtisserie (owned by Disney) is a must-see. In it visitors find beautiful and delicious sweets with Disney theme. Without a doubt, it is worth the tasting.

Amorette’s Patisserie

The BoatHouse

The visitor who wants a more peaceful experience to enjoy the sunset by the sea, needs to know The BoatHouse. The place offers a diversified gastronomy with great options of fish, snacks, pasta and much more. It is here that boats and amphibious cars depart for trips on Lake Buena Vista.

In addition to these, Disney Springs offers food trucks, burgers, pizzerias, Latin American, Italian cuisine, ice cream parlors, coffees and more. Check the complete list of restaurants, bars and snack bars in Disney Springs:

The Boat House - Disney Springs

Main stores for shopping

Of course, great stores and famous brands to complement the visitor experience at Disney Springs.

Know some highlights:


In it the tourist has a unique experience with the famous motorcycle brand. In the store are found the main models of the brand, accessories for motorcycles, clothes and many other objects licensed by Harley-Davidson. For those who are passionate about motorcycles, the stop is mandatory for photos, taking souvenirs or even taking a test drive.

Disney Springs Harley Davidson

Super Hero Headquarters

Shop with the theme of the main Disney superheroes, bringing many options of licensed products and clothes for Marvel fans. The space brings unforgettable experiences with the brand.

Super Hero Headquarters

World of Disney

This is Disney’s largest store, where all the brand’s products are sold, such as clothes, accessories, household items, toys, stuffed animals and many others. As the variety of items is large, this store is ideal for buying souvenirs and taking souvenirs from the trip.

World of Disney

The LEGO Store

This store is a truly interactive experience in Disney Springs. In it the tourist finds all types of Lego, colors of pieces and can also assemble toys. This store is certainly worth a visit, especially for children who will be delighted with the representation of the famous Disney films, from Lego pieces.

Other stores interesting found at Disney Springs are: & nbsp; Dino-Store, Pandora, Under Armor, Coca-Cola Store, Pop Gallery, Goofy’s Candy Co and more. See the complete list of stores in Disney Springs:

The Lego Store

How to get to Disney Springs

Located at 1486 Buena Vista Dr, there are plenty of transportation options to reach Disney Springs. Visitors can go by car (the place offers ample parking), buses, boats and excursion vans. Admission is free at the Disney Springs complex. The daily opening hours are from 10am until midnight. See the complete information to get to Disney Springs:

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