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More about Doral Miami

Miami has many growing and emerging neighborhoods and cities nearby. Doral is one of them! We decided to create this article explaining everything you need to know about this fast-developing area located just minutes from Miami International Airport.

While everything in Miami developed west from the airport, towards the coast, Doral remained quiet in the other side of the map, east from airport, but yet very close to it. That is one of the important factors that helped the city to grow the last past few years. Most of its industrial activities are related to import-export businessess, due to its proximity to the airport. Many companies chose Doral to have their offices and warehouses and that was the start of everything.

Nowadays Doral Miami is much more than offices and industries. The place is the fastest growing and developing city near Miami and a very interesting neighborhood to invest in Real Estate. With sunny days all year round, the tourism also plays an important role in local economy. If you enjoy golfing, the place is a global reference in the activity!

Doral is attracting more and more families and investors every year. Many global buyers, specially from Latin american, are buying real estate in the city. Keep reading the article to know everything about Doral Miami and its emerging environment.

Why the name Doral?

The city emerged in the late 1950s, thanks to Alfred and Doris Kaskel, a couple who built a golf course and hotel on 2,400 acres near Miami. This couple opened, in 1962, the Doral Country Club, which that same year, would start what is today one of the most sought after places in the world of professional golf.

The name of the city, as you can see, is a tribute to the pioneer couple, Alfred and Dora.

Doral Miami: A reference in the world of Golf

Doral Golf Resort

If you’ve heard of names like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or Phil Mickelson, know that these golf professionals have all been discovered on Doral’s huge and famous courses. That’s right. All of them passionate about sport had their first opportunities in these lands. And just like them, anyone can also have this opportunity and, who knows, discover an “as” of the sport. One of the places most frequented by tourists who would like to have this chance is the Costa Del Sol Golf Club, which is open to golfers and curious people of all ages.

It doesn’t matter that it’s just a class out of curiosity, no.

Doral Florida Real Estate market

In the 1980s, Doral experienced the experience that until then, all the major cities in the world had already experienced: urban growth. With the advantages of being a model location being well publicized, Americans from different locations were interested in moving to that newly discovered “little paradise”.

The residential growth spurt was rapid and, although families were already occupying their spaces, there were still no schools, parks, stores and any other necessary commercial activities. And the delay in the local infrastructure was due to the fact that a large part of the houses built up to that point were turned to investment or even secondary residences. In other words, people, until then, saw only the opportunity for leisure, not housing.

Over time, the first full-time residents formed a community and managed to implement the infrastructure that the local town lacked.

These residents, the “Dorenses”, managed, 20 years later, to install more than 10,000 companies, some of which are giants in the American and international scene such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Ryder and Univision Network. Telemundo is one of the main communication chains in the city, with Doral as its main office and also the content production centers.

A curiosity: Many of the episodes of CSI Miami were filmed in Doral. A city worth visiting.

The city of parks and Latinos!

Yes, the city is full of Latinos who have lived there for a long time, such as Mexicans and other foreigners from South and Central America. Just for us to have a small idea, in 2000, the Spanish language was predominant in 74% of the population of Doral, against 16.4 who spoke English.

Almost 10% of the population is made up of Venezuelans, the largest concentration in the country, in addition to Cubans, Colombians, Peruvians, Dominicans and, of course, Brazilians!

All these people have countless leisure areas, and the city operates and maintains six parks with amenities for all ages and lifestyles, such as the beautiful Doral Meadow Park.

Doral City Center

Doral City Center is Miami’s premier town center, an amazing neighborhood with incredible culture located in a privileged area with easy access to almos everywhere. Neighborhoods, offices, homes, an award-winning school, restaurants and shops that offer a new quality of life—totally walkable, connected, artfully designed, green and gracious. A place to call home.

Latin languages classes at Doral Florida Schools

Due to the constant growth of Brazilians living in the USA, in addition, of course, to those who look for Doral as their city of heart, in 2015, after long 10 years of planning, the Dorense City Hall inaugurated a school & nbsp; its curriculum in the Portuguese language.

It is called Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School, & nbsp; which was opened in August 2015, with bilingual curriculum in Portuguese and English or Spanish and English, for students from 1st to 3rd grade, and then for 4th and 5th grades .

Doral Florida: The city you have to know!

For these and others that if you like to travel the world and know wonderful places, Doral cannot be left out. If you go to Florida to see the beautiful beaches of Miami, be sure to visit the city of Golf and real estate entrepreneurship!

Where is Doral Florida?

While everything in Miami developed west from the airport, towards the coast, Doral remained quiet in the other side of the map, east from airport, but yet very close to it. View the map below to to see where is Doral Florida:

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