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Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, told Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on Twitter that his Boring Company could build tunnels underneath Miami.

“Cars & trucks stuck in traffic generate megatons of toxic gases & particulate, but @boringcompany road tunnels under Miami would solve traffic & be an example to the world. Spoke with @RonDeSantisFL about tunnels last week. If Governor & Mayor want this done, we will do it.”

Elon Musk proposes to build electric zero-emission underground transportation system in Miami
Featured Image Source: The Boring Company

The idea is to build an amazing underground network of high-speed transportation tunnels under the city that would enable electric zero-emission transportation called “Loop”.

There is already a tunnel network in construction in Las Vegas, almost complete and expected to be delivered and in operation in the end of 2021.

Long-term, the Boring Company envisions connecting multiple cities to a large electric tunnel network across the United States to enable faster travel with no pollution to the environment. As of today, the company has secured transportation contracts in several major cities. Besides connecting main destinations in Las Vegas, the company also plans on the construction of a Loop shuttle system from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, as well as building a Loop in Los Angeles California that connects “Los Feliz, East Hollywood, or Rampart Village neighborhoods (“western terminus”) to Dodger Stadium in the City of Los Angeles,” according to the company’s website.

Mayor Francis Suares is in a great effort to turn Miami into the new Silicon Valley.

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