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Fisher Island Real Estate

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More about Fisher Island Florida

Fisher Island is the most exclusive island in Miami and one of the most luxurious communities in the world. Known for having one of the highest per capita income rates in the USA, the island is a luxury condominium surrounded by water, accessible only by ferry, speedboat or helicopter. Its reserved and high standard environment attracts high-end investors who seek discretion, exclusivity and security. The island has an area of ​​approximately 200 hectares and only residents, guests and guests of the Fisher Island Hotel are allowed to enter.

Fisher Island Miami Florida

Built in 1905, Fisher Island offers an extremely peaceful and calm environment. The circulation of cars is not allowed and the preferred way to navigate if through golf carts. Each owner may have a golf cart that can seat up to 4 people.

The community has only 13 buildings and some houses, all of the highest standard and also with exclusive prices. The average income of the very poor residents of the community is $ 2.5 million per year. Despite being a small and extremely private community, Fisher Island offers everything to its residents, as if it were a small town. There is no need to go out for anything. On the island, residents have excellent schools, a health clinic, banks, supermarkets, restaurants and other establishments.
And there are plenty of options for tours and entertainment. The Island offers a paradisiacal white sand beach brought from the Bahamas, several golf courses, tennis courts and two marinas.

Fisher Island Miami History

The community wasn’t originally an island. The area was the tip of a peninsula in Miami Beach. What separated it from the mainland was the construction of an access channel to the port of Miami. In 1919 businessman Carl Fisher purchased the island from African-American millionaire A. Dorsey and expanded the island’s surface. The island was renamed Fisher Island, after Carl Fisher, who sold it a few years later to William Kissam Vanderbilt. Carl Fisher is said to have traded the island for Vanderbilt’s huge yacht. The phrase “My island for your yacht” feeds the folklore of the negotiation. Vanderbilt built a mansion on the island (nowadays a 5-star hotel) and kept it as a private property until the 1940s, when he decided to sell it. The island then passed through several hands until a more intense urban real estate project began in the 1980s, transforming the island into what it is today.

Over the years the different owners kept growing the land, bringing more sand to it (some from Bahamas) and making the island bigger. in the beginning the island had only a few acres and today it has almost 500 acres.

The Fisher Island Club

Guests of Fisher Island may stay at a world-class resort conceived to satisfy the most high expectations. Fisher Island Club was once the the private winter estate of the William K. Vanderbilt II family, the island’s luxurious guest accommodations are an oasis of beauty, comfort, and extraordinary style with a touch of old-world charm. Fisher Island Club Hotel & Resort is a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Fisher Island Club

How to get to Fisher Island Miami

As there are no bridges or causeways from mainland to the Island, the only way to get there is by boat or by air (helicopter). Guests from the hotel or the Fisher Island Club can access by their own private yacht or private 24-hour passenger vehicle ferry service.

Fisher Island Ferry Miami departs from Terminal Island Road. See below the map of the location of the island on Google Maps:

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