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Haulover Beach is a clothing optional beach in Florida, and it is the onlye legal official place in the Sunshine State that allows the practice of nudism. Actually, the nude part is just a small reserved area on its huge extension. It is the oldest of its kind in Miami and that’s also one of the main reasons the beach receives many visitors every year. It is considered one of the best nude beaches in the world, listed many times as a TOP 10 Nude Beach by several renowned publications, including TripAdvisor and CBS News. The beach is nestled between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, in a privileged location in North Miami.

Halouver extension is about a mile and a half and the nude beach area is at the north part. The place is clearly marked to avoid visitors from being surprised. Halouver’s entire extension is supervised by lifeguards, and it also offers some great amenities such as picnic tables and facilities, bathrooms, etc. There are no kioskis or restaurants nearby, so bring your food, beverages and friends. The beach is ideal for surfing as well as swimming.

Haulover attracts people of all genders, including residents and tourists. Going there is a very nice experience and it is worth mentioning that in Haulover Beach, in the part that is dedicated to nudism, it is not mandatory to go without clothes. It is legal for those who want to go without clothes, but you can visit Haulover Beach peacefully as if it were any other beach. So it is a very friendly environment for almost everyone.

Haulover Beach is one of the largest and deserted beach in Miami. It is a popular destination for those who want to enjoy a lush and very quiet environment with clear water and soft white sand. No doubt the place is considered one of the beast beaches in Miami (not just best nude-beach) with an amazing landscape and sand dunes, ideal for swimming, sunbathing and also surfing.

Haulover Nude Beach
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All the shoreline is lifeguard protected. Haulover Beach Park also offers a variety of amenities such as picnic facilities with barbecue areas, free parking and public restrooms with showers. Bring your food and drinks since it is hard to find any stores nearby.

Haulover Nude Beach

Haulover Nude Beach is considered the only official and legal nudist beach in the entire estate of Florida. No wonder the place is the meeting point for those who just don’t want to use bathing suits. Don’t worry if you are not a fan of nudism. Only a small part of Haulover Beach’s mile-and-a-half shoreline is dedicated to the practice. The nude area is at the north part of the beach and there are plenty of signs alerting and marking the place to avoid any surprises.

Haulover Beach
Photo Source: Miami Herald

Halouver Beach Pictures

Nude Beach
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Restrooms and Showers
Restrooms and Showers – Photo source:
Haulover Park Aerial
Haulover Park – Aerial – Photo Source:

Location – Halouver Nude Beach Miami

Address: 10800 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL
Phone: (305) 947-3525
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