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Because of the pandemic, many people have spent the last few months working from home. Therefore, having a functional home office is especially important in today’s market. Buyer demand for home office space has increased dramatically during the pandemic. In fact, showcasing your office space or working area can help attract buyers. If you are trying to sell your home, highlighting and promoting your home office/working area could help you sell faster. Here are some tips to set the space:

1- Be strategic when you convert a room into an office

Although home offices are very in-demand right now, bedrooms and other essential rooms in the house still take priority. If you don’t already have an office space, be strategic about where you decide to place one to attract buyers. Look for opportunities to create dual-purpose spaces. A good idea is to double your guest room as an office. You could replace the bed with a sleeper sofa in order to create an overall office “feel” while maintaining the usability of a guest room.

2- Stage the home office as you would the rest of your house

Try setting the office space somewhere quiet. If you currently do not have a home office, consider staging one. This way, when potential buyers come to see the house, they will be able to imagine all of the possibilities the space provides. Good rules of thumb when staging include cleaning and decluttering, showing functionality, and adding pops of color to make the space more inviting.

3- Transform an unused area into a workspace

If you don’t have enough rooms in your house to create an office, try looking for spots in your home that could double as a functional workspace. For example, you could turn a spot in your garage into an office, or even a corner in your living room. The key to attract buyers is to present this space in the most appealing way possible. Keep the area tidy, welcoming, and most importantly, show its potential!

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