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Joe’s Stone Crab is one of the best and most traditional restaurants in Miami, famous for its delicious giant crabs. If you never tried one before, Joe’s is the perfect place to initiate this amazing seafood experience. Believe me, they are delicious. Some unique clients such as Frank Sinatra and Al Capone would say the same. Joe’s is a centenary restaurant, opened in 1913. At the end of the post we brought some details on its history (very interesting).

Joes Stone Crab Claws

Waiting at the Joe’s Bar

If you are planning to go to Miami and visit Joe’s restaurant arrive early! There is always a long waiting queue for a table and there is NO reservation. But try not to be too worried about that, since waiting is part of the experience! No wonder Joe’s features a great and trendy bar where you can enjoy a drink, may be a nice wine, and even order some small crab portions to start.

Joe’s bar is THE place to see and be seen! People sometimes goes to Joe’s just for the bar. However, if waiting is not your favorite exercise, you can always go early (before 7 pm) and of course avoid weekends.

Bar at Joe's

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If you just want to try the food you have the delivery option (order online).

Also, there is “Joe’s Stone Crab Take Away”, a restaurant from the same group just next door. It is more informal environment with no long wait queue (Read more about Joe’s Take Away at the end of this post).

At Joe’s the environment is cozy and formal. The service is impeccable and all attendants are very friendly!

Is it too expensive?

The price might seem a little expensive for some people. But the restaurant carries a 100-year-philosophy: “Everyone should afford a meal at Joe’s”. Although sea food may cost more there are a variety of tasty items in the menu considered very cheap. For instance, you can have a delicious fried chicken for less than $ 7 (seven dollars).

Joe's Stone Crab Miami

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Dress Code

The atmosphere at Joe’s is considered cozy and formal. You don’t have to wear black ties, but please don’t go with athletic or beach wear. At the official website they recomend that men must wear sleeves (although this rule is not often followed). I guess you could have an idea!

Dress Code

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Interesting Facts about Joe’s Stone Crab Miami

The restaurant was opened in 1913, older than the city of Miami Beach (1915).

Stone Crab Claws are the main dishes at Joe’s. Fishermen have to follow strict rules to take claws and return the crabs to the water, so they can regenerate its claws (they can do that about four times making the claws a renewable resource).

It was only in 1921 that Joe’s family found out Stone Crabs could be eaten. A marine biologist introduced the family a giant Stone Crab and asked them if they’ve ever eaten one. Nobody at the time used to eat those kinds of giant crabs.

Al Capone was a regular guest at Joe’s. He liked the place so much that every year he sent flowers to Joe’s wife in Mother’s Day. While attending the restaurant, he used the nickname “Al Brown”.

Al Capone at Joe's Stone Crab Miami

Every day at 5 pm Al Capone had dinner at Joe’s. Jennie once walked towards him and said : “Mr. Brown, I must tell you something. If I don’t like somebody, I don’t allow them to come in here, but you’ve always been a gentleman, and anytime you want to come into this restaurant, you can.”

Joe’s wife Jennie was known as “Mother Joe’s”, a tough but all heart old lady. She was famous for not allowing all kinds of people to enter the restaurant. “If she didn’t like you she wouldn’t let  you in” said his son Jesse. “. Who’s going to fight with an old lady?

Joe’s Stone Crab History

The restaurant was opened in 1913, which means that the place is older than the city of Miami Beach (1915). The Hungarian Joseph Weiss (“Joe” of Joe’s Stone Crab) was a waiter in New York and came to Florida following his doctor’s recommendation. Joe had severe asthma problems and needed a change of climate. South Florida, with its warm and healthy weather was the perfect place! He settled with his family in Miami Beach. His wife Jennie used to cookie for small establishments in New York. Didn’t took too long for them to open a small lunch stand by the Smith’s Casino in 1913. That was the beginning of Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant! Five years later the family purchased a small bungalow next to the casino and started their own independent restaurant with some tables in the front porch. They’ve named it Joe’s restaurant.

Joe's Stone Crab Miami History

In 2013 Joe’s Stone Crab celebrated 100 years. The restaurant is older than the city of Miami Beach, wich was incorporated only in 1915

Back that time the place was the only restaurant on the beach opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Joe’s restaurant didn’t even had giant crabs in its menu. It was only in 1921 that the family found out that Stone Crabs could be eaten and were delicious. Joe’s son Jesse boiled some stone crabs in the water and served them with hash brown potatoes and special mayonnaise sauce. Total success till nowadays!

Joe’s Stone Crab Take-Away

Imagine being able to have the best of Joe’s Restaurant without the long wait and formal environment! Joe’s Crab Take Away is a establishment from the same group, just next to the main restaurant. There you will find the same menu, but in a more informal atmosphere.

Jone's Stone Crab Take Away

Enjoy both words: At Joe’s Take Away guests are able to enjoy the same dishes offered at the main restaurant without the long wait and formal environment

Back in the late-80’s the place was once only a small back door at the main’s restaurant kitchen. Due to the high demand for Joe’s delicious food, it had to evolve to a bigger establishment that offers all Joe’s signature dishes and other special items: Stone Crabs, Hash Browns, Tuna Ceviche Grilled Tomatoes, Lobster Rueben, the famous Key Lime Pie and other items that you will only find in Take Away.

Joe’s Stone Crab Miami – Hours & Location

Adress: 11 Washington Ave – Miami Beach, FL, 33139 – Joe’s restaurant is open only during crab season. Stone Crab season opens October 15 each year and runs through May 15.

Offical website:

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