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The Jungle Outreach Educational Program allows everyone to get an up-close & personal experience with our exotic animals at Jungle Island Park. Truly an unforgettable memory! We offer 6 different EDUCATIONAL, In-Park presentations that include different themes and animals:

Field Trips offer 6 different Educational presentations that include different themes and animals:

  • Rainforest Adventure-Includes reptiles, parrots, and mammals from the Rainforest
  • Birds of “Parrot”dise-Includes a collection of birds from all over the world and interesting bio-facts
  • Remarkable Reptiles-Includes a collection of reptiles from around the world and interesting bio-facts
  • Everglades Encounter-Includes reptiles, mammals, and other animals from the Everglades
  • Animal Survivors-Learn about the defense mechanisms and survival techniques used by reptiles, birds, mammals and other animals to stay ALIVE!
  • Create Your Own Program -We can develop a program just for you!

Field Trips Jungle Island

Program Includes:

25 minute Educational Presentation involving the above themes

25 minute Animal Interaction, where everyone enjoys a hands-on experience with the animals

Program Price for In-Park Presentation: $170.00 for a private session.

Visitors can choose from among Jungle Island’s standard programs, or call the Education Department to develop a course that meets your group’s specific needs. Price is subject to sales tax. Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to availability. Outreach Programs are Monday-Friday ONLY. Program length may be modified for large groups. *Outreach price does not include park admission. For more information please contact the Education Department at: 305-400-7242 or send an email to

Learn more about Field Trips at Jungle Island here:

For more information, please call the Education Department at 305-400-7242 or 305-400-7221 or send an email to


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