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Kayak is an online search engine for hotels, flights, and rental cars. However, it recently announced that it is finally diving into real estate. The search engine plans to open its first Miami Beach hotel this spring. The boutique hotel is a product of the company’s goal to “reimagine the travel experience.” In addition, it will boast many innovations. For example, the new Miami Beach hotel will feature contactless check-ins, and high-tech amenities such as Apple TVs. Furthermore, the hotel will also feature an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant. “Layla,” features technology from Kayak’s sister brand, OpenTable.

The new hotel will debut close to a year after the coronavirus pandemic began. The pandemic was a very big hit for many sectors of the economy, including travel and hospitality. Taking into consideration all of the changes brought by the pandemic, this innovative hotel will serve as a designed lab for the company. Therefore, the goal is to refine its hospitality technology. Furthermore, it will use insights and findings from the research gathered by the search engine technology. Finally, this will help to leverage consumer pricing and data from the billions of travel data it receives on a yearly basis.

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kayak to open miami beach hotel

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