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Lolita will stay at Miami Seaquarium, park officials said last week following an announcement from SeaWorld that it will phase out its killer whale show.

Seaquarium general manager Andrew Hertz said in a statement issued following the SeaWorld report that the Miami park has evolved to include environmental and conservational elements to its marine mammal shows, including Lolita’s.

Lolita Killer Whale

Lolita, the killer whale who has been the star attraction at Miami Seaquarium for nearly 50 years. The park announced last week that Lolita will remain as part of its killer whale show. WALTER MICHOT MIAMI HERALD STAFF

“As a result, several months ago the killer whale presentation at Miami Seaquarium transitioned into an educational presentation about killer whales, their natural behaviors and the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population,” Hertz said.

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