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Is the New York-based audit giant KPMG joining the migration movement that the US is experiencing in the corporate market? Some big names have already chosen Florida to be the new headquarters for their operations. On the East Coast, companies in the financial sector are opening divisions in Florida. On the west coast, there is a real exodus of technology companies, especially from Silicon Valley, to states like Texas and Florida, in search of more tax-friendly environments. KPMG has been signaling its preference for the “Sunshine State” for some time. The company is rumored to occupy a newly constructed office building on Lake Nona, according to the Orlando Business Journal.

KPMG moving to Orlando?
City of Orlando – Photo: Pixabay

KPGM already has a training center in Lake Nona, the KPMG Lakehouse. The investment, of approximately $ 450 thousand and more than 70 thousand square meters, started operating in January 2020, but had to be closed in March, due to the pandemic. The company plans to reopen Lakehouse in April this year, in a phased manner, depending on the progress of the pandemic. The center has the capacity to receive up to 800 people per week.

The auditing giant would still be looking for a new corporate space of approximately 6,000 square meters. The new space would also be in the suburb of Orlando, for the creation of a call center.

Lake Nona is a community planned east of Orlando and known as the “Medical City”, as it houses one of the most advanced research and medical centers in the USA. Its peaceful and bucolic environment makes the community one of the most recommended for buying homes in Orlando. The community has been investing in corporate ventures and attracting companies, who are also looking for the region for its proximity to Orlando International Airport.

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