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Miami Spice is a culinary festival that takes place every year in Miami and runs from August 1 through September 30. During this period, participating restaurants offer a price-fixed menu with great deals. It is a good opportunity to explore new restaurants and take advantage of the big discounts and promotions.

Miami Spice


Over 240 restaurants participated on Miami Spice in 2016

The festival highlights some of the finest restaurants in town at the reduced price of $23 for lunch and $39 for dinner (prices for 2016). The menu includes an appetizer, entree and dessert. Some of the restaurants also offers other kinds of promotions and deals besides the offical Miami Spice menu. So…no doubt this is that time of the year you are able to experince that high-priced gourmet place you’ve been waiting to go.

There is no need to join any membership in order to explore the restaurants. During Miami Spice period, simply pick a restaurant you want to go and visit the establishment’s website. Check if it is part of the festival. If positive, also make sure the days of the week the restaurant is offering the Miami Spice menu. Try to make a reservation! For more information vistit the Official Website of the event. There you will find all the information about the festival and also the list of the restaurants participating.


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The event is good for tourists and locals that are encouraged to go out and experience new places, but also good for the restaurants. Summer Season in Miami is usually not so good for restaurants and other commercial establishments. Because of vacation period lots of people goes out of Miami looking for cooler places. Miami Spices brings an extra public to those restaurants injecting more business during the summer time.

Miami Spice list of restaurants (Search for your favorite)

In 2016 the list of restaurants attending the festival included 243 establishments, up from 181 in 2015. The list is growing and in 2017 this number is expected to be even bigger. (Check the list for Miami Spice 2016 here: List of restaurants).

Some fine restaurants that participated on Miami Spice in 2016: Zuma, Smith & Wollensky, The Dutch Miami, The Forge, Barceloneta, The Bazaar by José Andrés, Sugarcane Raw Bar & Grill, Azul, Kitchen 305, Pubbelly, Macchialina, Milos by Costas Spiliadis.


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