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The historic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, as well as several others in Miami, are suffering the consequences of the pandemic. The museum, considered one of the most important and traditional in Miami, is calling for donations and funds to try to save the place.

Miami’s historic Vizcaya museum suffering for funds amid coronavirus pandemic

As reported by, the history, the Italian-inspired architecture and the unique waterfront backdrop of Vizcaya is now in jeopardy. That is according to the CEO of the national landmark.

“We will have lost several million dollars this year and next as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and we really need your help,” said Vizcaya CEO and Executive Director Joel Hoffman.

There is a chance the museum doors will close if things don’t get better in the near future. It is hard to imagine that the 104-yea-old treasure could face such an end.

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami is a very cultural, beautiful and pleasant tour for the whole family. For those who thought that Miami only offers beach and trendy nightlife, this museum in Miami contrasts this paradigm a little and shows that the city also has a rich cultural side.

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