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The Osteria Del Teatro restaurant is the restaurant to choose if you wish to enjoy some amazing Italian delicacies. This restaurant offers first class Northern Italian dishes and it has polite lively servers that will treat you as the king you are when you sit to enjoy the menu. The restaurant may be pricey, but the menu and delivery of services definitely make it worth. Your dining experience to be expected is nothing short of wonderful.

Osteria Del Teatro Miami Beach

Location and ambiance

For starters, this italian award winning restaurant in Miami Beach is in the stylish art deco South Beach district. The dining room is not only elegant and comfortable but also very intimate. Its small size somehow makes every diner feel special in a way. It has a corner spot and the white table cloth look makes it quite attractive to passersby. Osteria without doubt hangs to the changing tides of the crazed Miami Beach neighborhood and makes a very good spot to unwind alone or with a loves one. It is an upscale restaurant that can accommodate 30 people at a go. It is a definition of elegance and romance in a way.

Osteria Ambiance

The menu at Osteria Del Teatro

The homemade pasta made daily to offer freshness to every diner is a must mention. If it is your first time in the restaurant, then you definitely should go to the specials if you want to have the best of what it has to offer. The experienced servers will help you make your choice among the specials. Steamed mussels in citrus wine broth is one of the addictive specials you can have here but you will also love the parchment wrapped seafood linguine that comes sauced in olive oil and garlic or tomato red. Tiramisu should be by all means be tried, you will actually find it irresistible, just looking at it. It is on the dessert cart in the exquisite silver bowl you will find hard to ignore.

Other notable things you should know about the Osteria Del Teatro is that you can make reservations. This is especially important because the space only accommodates thirty seats and the customers here are the Miami elites. Valet parking is available and is better considering that street parking may be harder to come by and the neighborhood is intense with the nightclub just next to the restaurant. If you plan to eat at the restaurant again, choose a favorite spot and reserve it even a week before so you get to enjoy what it offers fully. If you are not sure what to order, then by all means go with your waiter’s advice!

Osteria Del Teatro – LOCATION & CONTACT INFO

1443 Washington Avenue at Espanola Way Miami, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 538 7850

Official Website:


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