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Pubbelly Restaurant brings the “gastropub” concept to Miami Beach, where owners Andreas Schreiner, Jose Mendin and Sergio Navarro offers a cozy and neighborhood environment with great food. As a pub you can have nice drinks, beers and boutique wines. As a gastropub you can enjoy all the gourmet food with Spanish and Asian influence with a Puerto Rican touch. You will feel like you are in a little tavern (small place with a few tables only). The three partners also operates the Pubbelly Sushi and Barceloneta Restaurant.

Pubbelly Restaurant Miami Beach

What is a “Gastropub”?

The word “Gastropub” really tells a lot. And to understand Pubbelly’s restaurant concept and why it is so adored by people in the neighborhood it is necessary to explain this concept.

A pub is well know as a place where you can meet friends and have a few drinks, gather with people in the neighborhood, talk to local people and relax. So one of the concepts of a pub is the cozy and friendly neighborhood ambiance. Normally a pub is a establishment with more emphasis on drinking than on eating.

Miami Beach Gastropub

The term gastropub was first conceived in early-90’s in England when pubs started bringing to their menus different kinds of appetizers and dishes. Many traditional pubs were transformed in “gastropubs”. Steaks, fishes, pasties and many other food items started joining the menu.

So the concept of a gastropub is a friendly ambiance where you still can meet local people and friends for a nice chat and drink, but also enjoy nice dishes.

Pubbelly owners like to describe this Miami Beach restaurant as a gastropub more in line with an European Tavern, where food is made with love for local people.

Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi is Pubbelly restaurant sister. Also modeled as a pub with brick walls and high ceiling. The owners don’t like to call it a Sushi bar or a Sushi restaurant, since the place is not “japanese” style by any means (you can have sandwiches and other items not usually seen in a Japanese restaurant menu). The dishes are still served in terracotta plates like in a small tavern or pub.  Actually is a Sushi restaurant with the Pubbelly twist.

Pubbelly Sushi

Popular at Pubbelly

Two-time James Beard Award nominee, Chef Jose Mendin’s menu is popular in Miami Beach. Follows some of the chef’s specialties.

Tostones con Hamachi Ceviche

Do you know what a “tostone” is? Well…it is a very traditional appetizer in Puerto Rico. The best way to describe a tostone is “crispy fried plantains”. A plantain is a kind of banana that because of its firm consistence tastes really good when fried. In Puerto Rico tostones are served as a side dish for the meal.

You can use it to substitute the bread in certain types of appetizers also.  That is what happens at Pubbelly Restaurant in Miami Beach with the Hamachi Ceviche. It is the perfect combination of crunchiness and freshness. The essence of the Hamachi fish seasoned with cilantro, red onion, yuzu and ginger soy mixes with the crunch of fried tasty tostones! Incredible…must-try.

Tostones con Hamachi Ceviche - Pubbelly

Shortrib Tartare

I bet you like shortribs! But have you ever tried before a shortrib tartare? Raw shortrib with apples, green mustard, tobanjan sauce, pinenuts and quail egg. Imagine all kinds of european and asian influence on this dish. Delicious! I wonder how could Chef Jose Mendin come up with this dish.

Shortrib Tartare

One of the most popular dishes at Pubbelly, the shortrib tartare mixes influences from Europe and Asia. Photo Source: Flickr Visitflorida



Address: 1418 20th Street Miami Beach FL 33139

Tue to Thurs – 6PM – 12AM
Fri & Sat – 6PM – 1AM
Sunday Brunch – 12PM – 4PM
Sunday Dinner – 6PM – 12AM
Closed Mondays

Official Website:

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