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Pubbelly Sushi Aventura is part of a chain that has four units in the United States and two more abroad, and offers the best of Asian food right in the heart of Aventura: the Aventura Mall.

The restaurant in Aventura is founded by a trio of experienced chefs: Andreas Schreiner, Sergio Navarro and executive chef Jose Mendin. No wonder, has several nominations for the main awards of world and American cuisine.

Pubbelly Sushi Aventura

Each of these chefs accumulates great experience, acquired in & nbsp; restaurants from around the world. Thus, when they came together to found Pubbelly Sushi, there was no way it could not be successful! they offer.

The menu is divided into four major sections: a happy hour menu, one for lunch, another for dinner and another for desserts, and in each section, there are several options that deserve mention for their refinement and flavor of the tasty dish featured, in addition to the exclusive drinks designed only for this restaurant in Aventura, some of which are not even on the menus of the other locations.

In addition to cocktails of the most varied flavors, they also offer a variety of sake and wine options. For a meal on the menu & nbsp; happy hour, one of the highlights is the Crispy Salmon Roll, which is salmon wrapped in cream cheese, avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise and crunchy panko.

Pubbelly Aventura

On the other menus, there are several items for you to take a gastronomic trip to Asia, passing through some of the specialties from Korea to Japan and, of course, many options for sushi, sashimi and niguiris.

Oyster, salmon, tuna, crab and many other seafood are some of the main ingredients, all seasoned exactly as in Asian cuisine, with sauces and seasonings that you only find in Pubbelly Sushi.

The dessert menu also deserves a special mention, all worth US $ 12.00, one being more charming – and delicious – than the other: dulce de leche, strawberries, ice cream, pineapples, chocolate and several other ingredients deserve to be savored.


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