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In less than eight weeks, Covid-19 has re-ordered virtually every industry in the world. Now that hundreds of millions of people have gotten a new taste of how important “home” actually is—as a safe haven, a de facto schoolhouse, an impromptu remote office, and a forced, familial psychological petri dish—the spaces we live in, and more importantly what we demand of them, stand to look profoundly different in the post-coronavirus world. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the world’s largest developers are rapidly rethinking their visions for the future of the built environment. Projects under construction are being re-designed on the fly. Floor plans are being redrawn.

This top-down re-visioning of real estate will have an outsized, trickle-down impact on how we build, the materials we use, how we move and interact with one another in public and private places, and what ultimately “space” should be and do for years to come.

Few cities understand this real estate “space race” better than Miami!

Over the past decade, South Florida’s forward-thinking developers have pioneered many of real estate’s most boundary-bending amenities including: the high-rise car elevator at Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach, the flying car port at Paramount Miami Worldcenter, the indoor ice skating rink at Estates at Acqualina and many other examples in some of the most luxury condos you may find in Miami.

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