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Finally, after long three years in the market, Shaquille O’Neal’s mansion in Isleworth finally sells, but not for the price he wanted in the beginning. Shaquille needed to make several reducing in price to finally sell the huge property in Windermere.

The Florida player’s mansion is located in a small community of the rich and famous called Isleworth, in the town of Windermere. The place is a darling of the famous and much sought after because of its nature and chain of lakes. Windermere is part of the so-called Lake Butler Chain, a chain of 11 wonderfully connected lakes, the most important being the Lake Butler.

The former Orlando Magic star’s 31,000-square-foot has been listed four times since 2018 without fetching a buyer, with the asking price dropping four times. Initially offered for $ 28 million in 2018, the luxury residence has gradually been losing its price. The first cut took the sale value to $ 22 million. Then, a further price cut put the house up for sale for $ 19.5 million. Then another one offered the house for $ 16.5 million. Finally the mansion was sold, after a battle of three long years, for the price of $11 million. Even with all the price reductions, this is one of the highest prices ever paid for a home in Central Florida.

The new owner is a local family (identity has not been disclosed)!

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Shaq’s mansion in Windermere had another price cut
Top Area view of Shaq’s mansion in Windermere – PHOTO: The Atlas Team

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