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Slingshot Orlando is considered the largest in the world and offers one of the most exciting and radical experiences in Florida. Sit down, fasten your belt, wait while the platform stretches the huge slingshot where you are the projectile! A kind of human catapult will throw you over 100 meters high.

Slingshot Orlando: The biggest of the world

Orlando’s human slingshot is a little-known attraction for tourists and has nothing to do with the Disney Group or other famous Orlando theme parks. It is a very different and interesting thing to do in Orlando besides the parks.

Everything is very safe and organized. Children from 1.12 m are already able to have fun at SlingShot Orlando. Upon entering the toy, you and one other person (capacity for two only) sit on the chair and are secured by a protective structure. The chair is connected to two huge elastic cords, connected in two towers. It is actually a giant slingshot, where you are the pebble, the chair is the leather (fabric) that embraces the pebble, the giant strings are the strings of the slingshot and the two towers are the “fork”.

As you are thrown you will feel a kind of lightness and, if you can open your eyes up there, take the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the city! Ended? No! The slingshot returns on its back at a speed similar to the one you threw (similar to a Bungy Jump) and continues like this, sometimes. A camera films the participants’ faces as they are thrown and the video can be purchased at the end of the game.

ATTENTION: If you are scared to death of roller coasters or more extreme toys, we DO NOT recommend SlingShot ride!

Video about Slingshot Ride Orlando

We’ve selected this video on Youtube showing Slingsoht Ride Orlando:

Location & Price

7001 International Dr, Orlando – United States
Minimum allowed height: 1.12m

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New Slingshot in Orlando

The opening of a new SlingShot in Orlando is scheduled for 2020. The human styling will be part of the Icon Park complex on International Drive and promises to be the largest in the world, displacing the current slingshot that currently exists in the city. The new human catapult promises to throw people to 137 meters high, equivalent to a 50-story building !! Who has the courage?

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