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South Florida remains the most attractively priced region relative to other US markets. Not only is the price per square meter still relatively low, but the region also offers one of the greatest appreciation potentials in the world, according to studies. Florida has remained the top US destination for international buyers for 14 consecutive years, according to the National Association of REALTORS®.

South Florida remains bargain for foreign buyers

Latinos lead the search, with Argentina at the top of the ranking. Colombia, however, threatens the heyday of the “hemanos”, being the country that carried out the most searches for real estate in Miami on the Miami Association of Realtors platform in November 2022. Colombia is now at the top of the list of foreign countries looking for real estate in Miami for eight of the past nine months.

China, on the other hand, had the highest month-to-month growth in the volume of searches for properties in Miami. Jumped from #14 in October to #2 in November 2022.

The search indicator on the platform, despite not representing purchases actually made, provides a projection of who will be the major players in the Miami real estate market in the coming months.

Here is the ranking of the TOP 10 countries that most searched for real estate in Miami on the Miami Realtors platform in 2022:

  • Colombia 12.03%
  • China 10.47%
  • Venezuela 6.52%
  • Germany 5.76%
  • Argentina 5.40%
  • Philippines 5.02%
  • United Kingdom 4.51%
  • France 3.99%
  • Canada 3.42%
  • Mexico 3.37%

Countries that actually bought

Argentina, as mentioned, is the country at the top of the list among those that invested the most in Miami. Argentines account for over 15% of all international purchases in South Florida. Next comes Colombia with 13%, according to the report.

How to invest in Florida? What’s the first step?

We recommend that your first step is to speak with someone who has experience in the Florida real estate market. AMG International Realty has been operating in Miami and Orlando for over 20 years. In addition to real estate intermediation services, we also provide guidance throughout the financing process, corporate structuring for investment (tax planning), the best accountants and a variety of other services directly and indirectly related to the purchase of a property in the United States, thanks to an extensive network of partners that we have in the US and Brazil.

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