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Is the future finally here? It looks like it at Sergio’s in West Kendall. This South Florida restaurant has placed a robot to take orders and bring food to its customers. “ASTRO” is short for “Automated Service Tray Removal Organizer,” and it is her to revolutionize the restaurant industry. The robot is smaller than your average waiter- it is about three feet tall and a foot wide. However, it pulls its weight by carrying plates nd using sensors to move around the restaurant. This new technology is perfect for the diverse South Florida scene. In addition to helping out around the restaurant, the robot speaks Japanese, Korean, and English.

Like many other local businesses in Florida, Sergio’s is hiring. However, not enough people are applying for the job positions. The company needs about 8 to 15 employees at each restaurant to fill vacancies, and they have been trying to figure out ways to improve the workplace. Therefore, they figured out that ASTRO could be a huge help. Although the human waiters still serve the food and sit the customers, the robot helps to carry trays and return dirty dishes.

So far, the robot has been a big help at this South Florida restaurant. In fact, the chain just signed a deal to hire more robots for Sergio’s other locations. The goal is to relieve the restaurants’ waiters of some of the duties it takes to work in a restaurant.

ASTRO is not currently the only food-serving robot in the Miami area. In fact, a food firm is also using robots to deliver dinner from a network of remote kitchens in Downtown Miami.

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