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The Bal Harbour community in Miami will have its old pier revitalized and enlarged in a project that will cost about $ 15 million. The Cut Walk Jetty, named after the new pier, was conceived and designed by the renowned Mikyoung Kim Design office. The works will start soon and the delivery forecast is for the end of 2023.

The Cut Walk Jetty will revolutionize the existing pier, expanding it and bringing improvements such as bike paths, lounges, walkways that advance over the ocean, gardens, outdoor dining spaces, among other social spaces that will allow the public to relax and interact with the sea ​​and nature. The site delimits the neighborhood, marking the end of Bal Harbour beach.

The Cut Walk Jetty: Discover Bal Harbour's New Pier

Bal Harbour is considered one of the most luxurious communities in Miami. It is here that you will find one of the most exclusive and trendy malls in the world, Bal Harbour Shops.

The Cut Walk Jetty project in Bal Harbour provides for sustainability and compensation for each intervention to be carried out, with an increase in corals and plants in the affected areas, among other environmental compensations.

The idea of ​​the project is, in fact, to integrate people with the ocean, inviting pedestrians and cyclists to walk along the waterfront, contemplate and interact with the seaside lifestyle of Bal Harbour.


About Bal Harbour neighborhood

Bal Harbour is an exclusive and serene community just north of Miami Beach. It borders elegant Sunny Isles Beach. The neighborhood is known as Bal Harbour Village. There you don’t see crowded beaches, outlets or that super hype common to South Beach and other central areas of Miami.

It is a true paradise with white sandy beaches and a unique style by the sea.

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