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For years, the MacArthur Causeway entrance to Miami beach has been a messy building site. However, it is finally transforming. Allegedly, the area will be include a new park, a pedestrian bridge, a residential tower, and a retail pavilion. This will all be within the 600 and 700 blocks of Alton Road. In fact, there is also talk about adding another acre to the project.

This area was once the site of the South Shore hospital, which has been empty for over a decade. In 2018 the shell of the hospital was demolished, making room for the new project. In June, the project’s community space is set to debut. The condo tower, which will have 280 units broke ground in March. Amenities will include a cafe, co-working spaces, a library, podcast studios, teen and kids clubs, a pool, gym, and more.

The bridge, which will be a great addition to the entrance to Miami Beach, will begin to be constructed by March 2022. In addition, both the bridge and the residential tower are schedule for completion by the end of 2023. Furthermore, construction of the retail pavilion will begin during the second half of 2023.

If the expansion plan goes through, it will also allow for a new public library, an office building, a health center, and an enlargement of the park.

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Entrance to Miami Beach will be transformed
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