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The president’s visit came as Miami-Dade County has become one of the nation’s most alarming coronavirus epicenters, raising political tensions in the process. Health officials reported another 11,433 cases across Florida on Friday, with a positive test rate just under 20%. Miami-Dade’s positive rate has risen sharply to over 30%.

Florida Democrats have called on governor DeSantis to review the business resurgence strategy, and require face-coverings statewide. DeSantis has finger-pointed at Miami’s mayor Gimenez over delays in energizing the county’s contact tracing efforts.

In Orlando, DeSantis again denied Florida reopened too quickly saying the infection rates were low at the time the decision was made. “There was no justification to not move forward,” he said.

He also said the rise in cases is not unique to Florida because other Sunbelt states, including Arizona, Georgia and South Carolina, are also seeing spikes. But critics have and health officials have also said those states opened up too fast as well.

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Trump in Miami says economy opening ‘safely and responsibly’ despite alarming COVID surge
President Donald Trump exits Air Force One at Miami International Airport on Friday – AP Photo – Evan Vucci
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