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As expected and previously announced, the United States suspended, on Sunday night, 24, the entry of Brazilians in American territory. President Donald Trump has threatened to enact restrictions since the end of April, when the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the country began to show itself out of control. Reported Veja.

The measure also restricts the entry of foreigners from Brazil. It was just a matter of time. Despite the so-called good relations between President Jair Bolsonaro and the American president, the pressure for the United States to close its borders to Brazilians was sung. Mayor of Miami, one of the main destinations for Brazilians, Francis Suárez was already openly defending the blockade of Brazilian travelers in the country. Donald Trump’s gesture symbolizes the country’s latent concern about restrictive measures and comes in the wake of the ban on the entry of travelers from other centers where the disease has already proved out of control. The measure is valid from the 29th.

The ban comes the day after the country overtook Russia in official numbers of infected people as the second nation most affected by the pandemic. “This attitude clearly shows that we are in a situation where the whole world sees us as a threat. Neighboring countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, have already expressed concern about the threat of uncontrolled pandemics in Brazil, but have not taken any action, ”says Rubens Ricupero, former Brazilian ambassador to the United States.

The news is bad for many Brazilians who were planning to come to the United States on vacation, mainly Miami and Orlando, the main destination for Brazilians and Latinos in general.

Many Brazilians bought luxury properties in neighborhoods like Sunny Isles Beach and Aventura, north of Miami. Sunny Isles Beach is famous for being an elegant and residential neighborhood, like several luxury oceanfront condos, like the famous Porsche Design Tower.

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