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The so-called Venetian Islands are a set of artificial islands located between Miami Beach and the mainland of Miami, connected by bridges, known as the Venetian Causeway. The islands are famous for being home to residential homes and super luxurious mansions. There are six islands in total: Belle Isle, Rivo Alto, Di Lido Island, San Marco Island, San Marino Island and Biscayne Island.

The islands are purely residential. Unlike other self-sufficient islands such as Key Biscayne and Fisher Island, the Venetian Islands do not have their own infrastructure, such as schools, banks, supermarkets and medical establishments. However, they are located minutes away from the vibrant and central parts of Miami, such as Downtown and South Beach. In this way, the Venetian Islands are true tropical paradises within a “luxury suburb” concept, yet located right next to the heart of Miami and with quick access to everything it has to offer.

The Venetian Causeway, the arched bridge connecting the islands, is also used as a popular boardwalk for exercise, jogging, hiking, pet walking and cycling.

Venetian Islands: Discover these tropical paradise nearby Miami Beach

Venetian Islands Real Estate

Real Estate options in the Venetian Islands are unique. These are luxury residential homes with oceanfront options and spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and Skyline Miami. There are also options in the inner parts of the islands. The islands are sought after by investors and buyers looking for a private and sophisticated lifestyle.

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Venetian Islands: Discover the history of the islands

The original design for the Venetian Islands had a considerably larger proposal than today’s reality. More islands would be built and a new bridge would link other existing islands in Miami to the new man-made islands. The new bridge, which was to be built, would link Hibiscus Island (south of the Venetian Islands) with Di Lido Island. The road would then continue north to the center of Biscayne Bay, with five new islands created along the way. From there, the road would continue to veer slightly to the northeast, where it would end at Indian Creek Village. Four additional islands would be built along two east-west roads that would connect with the bridge.

For a variety of reasons, including the 1926 hurricane and the end of the Florida real estate boom in the 1920s. , between Di Lido Island and Julia Tuttle Bridge. The island would be called Isola di Lolando.

Belle Isle, the island at the east end of the chain, is the only one that isn’t entirely artificial. Originally it was a small mangrove island. At a time when Miami Beach was full of developments being built, the dredged sand and other construction debris began to be deposited in Belle Isle. For this, a small bridge was built connecting Miami and a small mangrove island. After the project for the Venetian Islands, the island was incorporated into the project.

Biscayne Island, the last island to the west, was already used as an airport during the 1930s (Viking Airport). The airport ceased operations in 1937. In 1940 Biscayne Island began to receive its first projects for residential development. Today the island, like the rest of the ensemble, is home to numerous luxury properties and also has an entrance toll to the Venetian Islands.

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