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Investors teamed up with a pastry chef and chocolatier to open an amazing new market in Wynwood. Ananda Market will be a 12,500 square feet dream with a restaurant, chocolate station, patisserie, and cocktail bar. In addition, the market and restaurant will be led by Jorge Kauam, a chocolatier and pastry chef. Furthermore, partners Antonio Ortega and Piero Pini signed a 10-year lease for the space at 310 Northwest 25th Street. Allegedly, investors put around $5 million for the project.

Construction on the market will begin in about six months. In fact, the new market in Wynwood could open in as little as ten months. Visitors will be able to enjoy pastries, gourmet chocolates, bread, cocktails, and much more. In addition, the market will also serve as a night event space.

As of now, there is nothing similar to Ananda Market in Wynwood. The neighborhood’s atmosphere is perfect for a project like this. With Wynwood’s incredible art, culture, and music scenes, visitors will be pleased to have a market that matches the area’s energy.

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new market in wynwood opening soon

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