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It is not news that residents of the north, especially from large metropolitan centers, such as New York and Boston, are migrating to Florida. The search for a more pleasant climate, large single-family homes, open spaces and cities with low population density are some of the things that these residents seek. Many live in the center of large cities, in small apartments, and have been confined for months with their young children. The state of Florida receives hundreds of these northern residents every day. The so-called Sunshine State has suddenly become the solution to all the problems brought by the pandemic. In addition, Florida Real Estate is considerably more affordable compared to their homes today. A small one- or two-bedroom apartment in a well-located New York neighborhood can easily face a large 4-bedroom home with a large outdoor area in a city in central Florida or suburban Miami.

What kind of home can you by with $1 million in Orlando

The Orlando Business Journal website has compiled a list of homes near Orlando, specially in Orange County, priced at approximately $ 1 million and sold in September. According to the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, there were 75 homes priced at $1 million sold in Orlando in September, up 83% from the 41 homes sold in August. 

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