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Knowing the best time to go to Disney is essential to avoid long lines at the parks, high prices or unpleasant weather. The city of Orlando receives more than 75 million people every year. And this number grows every year. Disney parks alone receive more than 100,000 people a day. So, if you want to avoid long lines on hot sunny days and still enjoy the best prices, keep reading this article to find out the best months to go to Disney.

When is the best time to go to Disney World

It is important to always consider two factors: 1 – Park capacity and 2 – Orlando weather and temperature. That’s because the queues of many of the park’s attractions are outside, exposed to the weather. Then, on very hot and crowded days, get ready to suffer in the sun. The same reasoning applies to days of intense cold, as at the end of the year for example.

So, what are the best months to go to Disney? We explain below in detail:

What months should I avoid?

If you can, avoid the high season months, which are June, July and December. June and July are months where the whole world is on vacation from schools. It is natural, therefore, that the capacity in these two months of the middle of the year is greater. In addition, June and July are months with very high temperatures in Orlando and very hot sunshine. In December, the parks are already full due to the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Christmas at Disney is an extremely popular celebration by tourists from all over the world and the parks usually reach maximum capacity. In some cases the gates are even closed. At this time the temperatures are very low. Get ready to be cold! These months are not the best time to visit Disney.

Another reason to avoid traveling to Orlando during these peak seasons is to make your Orlando home available for rent during these peak seasons. If you are thinking of buying, or already owning, a holiday home in Orlando, the high season months are the ones with the highest revenue. These are periods with the highest occupancy rate.

Springbreak: Season when Disney parks are also full

In addition to June, July and December, there is another time of the year when the Disney parks’ capacity is also high: Springbreak. This is the academic vacation in the United States and usually takes place in March for two weeks. Springbreak dates often change from year to year. It is important to research the correct date beforehand and avoid going to Orlando on these dates, as the parks will be full, although the weather is more pleasant.

What are the best months to visit Disney?

The best time to go to Disney is in the alternative months. Below is a brief explanation of the months of the year and the capacity of the parks:

April and May – Best time to visit Disney

Months of low capacity and pleasant weather. There is no rain and prices in Orlando are good. Even airfare prices to Orlando at this time are cheaper.

August and September

At the beginning of August there is still a trace of summer and the days can be hot. However, it is already a time when the movement in the parks drops considerably. September is already autumn and the weather is much more pleasant. There is only one problem in this period! It is hurricane season in Florida and that can disrupt plans a little.

In the article Hurricane in Florida: Everything you need to know, we explain in detail how the storm season works during this period. It is important to know that the hurricane does not appear overnight. Weeks before a stronger storm is likely to hit the Florida coast, authorities are already issuing warnings and, if necessary, stricter security procedures are in place. In more severe cases the regions most likely to be hit by a tornado or hurricane are evacuated.

The good news for residents and tourists in Orando is that, in most cases, hurricanes, when they hit the coast, cause damage only in coastal cities. When reaching the coast they usually lose their strength and, very rarely, they proceed to cities in the center of the continent. Orlando is a central city and it was not for nothing that Walt Disney chose the region to house the parks. Being central, it is better protected from hurricanes and strong storms.

October and November – Best time to go to Disney

These are the best months. The hurricane season has passed, the movement in the parks is low and the weather a little colder.

January and February

These are extremely cold months and, for this reason, the parks are less frequented. So, if you don’t mind low temperatures (below 10 degrees), it might be a good time to go to Disney.

We hope to have clarified the main doubts regarding the best time to go to Disney. Don’t forget that Orlando has a lot to do besides the parks. If the Disney parks are not on your itinerary, perhaps the high season months are not so unpleasant. The city is full, festive and full of fun everywhere.

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