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When investing in income-producing properties, such as Vacation homes in Orlando, we always recommend hiring a Property Management Company. Hiring an experienced manager makes all the difference in the success of the investment.

5 reasons why you should hire a Property Management Company

The Property Management Company will be responsible for carrying out all the work of disclosure, customer acquisition, property maintenance, inspection, check-in / check-out, preparation of the property for the next guest, collecting rentals, among others. The owner does not even need to have contact with tenants.

The manager differ in the amounts charged and services provided. It is important to know which are the most recommended for each property profile and region. At AMG Realty we have worked for years with a select group of reputable and experienced managers in Florida, who manage the properties of our clients, with excellent results.

If you are starting your investment research in Florida, chat with us about how total rental management works. We often hold conference calls between investors and local managers to answer questions and make the investment process in Florida as transparent as possible.

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