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Investment demand for Vacation Homes in the Orlando region is surging, attracting both local and international investors seeking high returns from vacation rentals. In this article, we highlight two of the most sought-after condominiums in the area, offering not only lucrative rental yields, but also a way to diversify portfolios and secure assets for those, particularly Brazilians and Latinos, looking to protect their wealth and dollarize their investments.

Continue reading to learn more about the two top-performing condos in the Orlando area that are worth considering for investment.

Windsor Cay Resort in Orlando is one of the best investment opportunities in Florida nowadays
Leisure area of one of the opportunities that we will present in this article

Orlando brings one of the highest ROIs (Return On Investment) in the world

Do you know why Orlando is highly sought after by investors?

Reasons abound. Here are some:

  • Seasonal homes in the region offer a very high expected return;
  • There are 80 million people visiting the city every year. The large flow of people guarantees a high demand for accommodation in the region, which generates a high occupancy rate throughout the year;
  • The demand for accommodation in vacation homes is only going to increase. More and more people are choosing vacation homes over hotel accommodation.
  • Orlando was named one of the fastest growing cities in the USA according to Forbes magazine;
  • Major industries: Aerospace and Defense, Tourism, Technology. See in this article the impact of the so-called “Space Coast” in the Orlando region.
  • The region is the second largest convention center in the US;
  • Largest Florida International Airport and 10th busiest airport in the US; what makes Orlando a hub of over 135 domestic and international destinations;
  • “Bullet Train” Miami-Orlando will open later this year;
  • Paradise beaches just 1 (one) hour by car both towards the east and west coasts. It is perfectly possible to take a “hit back” at any time and rest from the marathon of parks and shopping;
  • Climate with mild temperatures all year round;

Is there any main reason why Orlando is one of the most visited and desired cities in the world? Oh……of course…The city is home to the world-renowned: Walt Disney World Resort® and
theme parks, Universal Orlando®, SeaWorld Orlando®, LEGOLAND Florida Resort® and more!

Uncover the Hottest Condos in Orlando

As mentioned at the start of this piece, we are thrilled to introduce the two must-see condominiums in Orlando: Windsor Cay and Enclaves at Festival.

Both condos offer unique features and vary significantly, including in terms of pricing.

1 – Windsor Cay Resort

The Launch of Windsor Cay: A Premier Investment Opportunity in Orlando

Windsor Cay has quickly become one of the leading investment prospects in Orlando, showcasing the hallmark standards and quality of the renowned Windsor brand. This follows the tremendous success of previous Windsor launches such as Windsor Island and Windsor at Westside, which have solidified the Windsor name as a trusted player in the Orlando real estate market.

All residences at Windsor Cay come with a private pool, in addition to the communal pool already in the condominium.
All residences at Windsor Cay come with a private pool, in addition to the communal pool already in the condominium.

It is one of the most complete Vacation Homes condominiums in the region and the houses have top list prices (at the end of this topic you can click on a button to view the price list):

Because it is a new condominium, the floor plan prices are still attractive, especially compared to other similar condominiums in the area, such as Story Lake and Champions Gate.

Below are the main features of the Windsor Cay launch in Orlando:

  • Large houses with 5 to 10 bedrooms, all with private pool;
  • International recognition of the Windsor brand;
  • Gated community with 24 hour security;
  • Privileged location just minutes from Orlando’s main attractions (approximately 10 km from Disney);
  • Floor plans efficiently designed to maximize rental income;
  • Main features of the houses: All with private pool, modern stainless steel appliances, cabinets, granite and tile in the kitchen, blinds included, covered porch with child safety fence, washer and dryer included.
Lazy River Windsor Cay
Lazy River – Be carried away by the calm waters of this small artificial river, while relaxing on an inner tube

Windsor Cay, as mentioned, is one of the most complete condominiums in Orlando. The amenities and infrastructure in the condominium include:

  • Full clubhouse;
  • Full gym;
  • Large entertainment space with pool table and areas to gather friends
  • Resort-style pools;
  • Lazy River (an artificial creek attached to the pool with water running very slowly that children – and adults – love to relax on inner tubes and be calmly carried away by the waters)
  • Restaurant in the condominium (Tavern & Grill);
  • Full Service Concierge;
  • Water Slides and Children’s Splash Pad;
  • playground;
  • Sports facilities.

To access the complete description of the Windsor Cay Resort, with photos and plans of the houses, click on the button below and now receive the entire description in your email:

2 – Enclaves at Festival

Enclaves at Festival brings options at more attractive prices than Windsor Cay. They are high standard homes in a gated community in the golf course region (near Champions Gate) and close to Disney theme parks.

Watch a video our team made on a decorated model at Enclaves at Festival:

The community offers 3-bedroom townhomes ranging in size from 140 to 155 square meters.

Unlike Windsor Cay, the units do not offer a private pool. There is a swimming pool in the common areas of the condominium.

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