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One of the biggest trends that has come from the pandemic was the rise of popularity in outdoor living. Now more than ever, people are looking for homes with outdoor space. Not only that, but people have found new comfort in staying home, despite pandemic regulations getting better. Therefore, many people have been looking to improve their outdoor areas- especially with Summer right around the corner. To get some inspiration, we have gathered some of the biggest outdoor decor trends.

1- Indoor-style decorations for outdoors

One of the biggest ways to make outdoor spaces feel more cozy is to style them as if they were indoors. This summer, one of the biggest outdoor decor trends is to add decor features such as throw pillows, blankets, and living room-like furniture. Right now, many furniture companies are making indoor-style furniture that can withstand outdoor conditions. We recommend finding those options in order to ensure durability.

2- Outdoor kitchens

There’s nothing like a summer day when you don’t have to go inside at all. Having an outdoor kitchen allows you to prepare your favorite summer foods without having to go to your home’s main kitchen. This is awesome if you are entertaining.

3- Plants and flowers

No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, adding plants and flowers will immediately make it look better and more trendy. Mini gardens are very much in right now. Not only will they look gorgeous, but it will also add more life to your outdoor oasis.

4- Add pastel colors

Pastel colors are very trendy right now. In fact, searches for all things pastel have gone up on Google. If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor area, consider adding pops of pastel. Pastel yellow, green, and lilac are especially popular.

5- Concrete furniture

Another huge outdoor decor trend is adding concrete furniture. With its minimalist look, concrete furniture has become very popular recently. It is versatile, neutral, and has incredible ability to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Some options for your own outdoor area are tables, stools, etc.

outdoor decor trends to look out for this Summer
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