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Because of the pandemic, buying a home sight unseen is more common than ever. Although it might seem like a big gamble, if paired with the right tools, buying a property this way can be a really smooth process. If you are out of the state or country, here are five tips to consider when buying a home sight unseen:

1- Ask the right questions

When buying any property, the more questions you ask, the more comfortable you will be about your purchase. This is especially true when buying a property you have not seen in person. When buying a home sight unseen, make sure to ask every single question that you might have about your potential purchase. Consider your goals, work/life needs, and everything you do from day-to-day. You will want to have a full understanding about the area, homeowners association, rules, policies, buying process, and everything in between. Remember that no question is a bad question- if it pops into your head during the home-buying process, ask away!

2- Hire the best local agent for the job

Having the right local agent is incredibly important for this process. When buying a home you have never seen before, your real estate agent will be your eyes and ears during the process. Make sure to create a list of everything you are looking for. This way, your agent can help narrow down the best options in the area for you.

3- Take advantage of technology

Right now, we live in a world with amazing technology. Take advantage of it during the home buying process. Talk to your realtor about having virtual tours. If 3D tours are not available for the property you are interested in, ask your realtor for a FaceTime tour of the property! Use technology to your advantage- it can really help you get a feel of the space.

4- Ask for a floor plan

Don’t forget to ask for a floor plan of the properties you are interested in. This will help you get a better understanding of the space. If a floor plan is not available, ask your agent for measurements of the rooms. You can use tools like, which is a free tool that can help you visualize your potential new home.

5- Get an appraisal and a home inspection

This is something that is recommended for every home purchase. However, it is especially important when buying a home sight unseen. Getting these services will give you an accurate understanding of exactly how much work the house needs.

tips for buying a home sight unseen

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