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From luxury cars to luxury buildings and even a hotel chain, Porsche Brand completes 50 years and is pushing the boundaries

Legendary Porsche 911 has remained in production since 1963, with more than a million units sold so far. Its design has not changed much over years for nearly six decades now. Its original design lies with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. “In 1972, the family decided to resign from the car business. FA Porsche decided then to establish his own design studio in the small Austrian town of Zell am See. That’s how he founded Porsche Design in 1972, and we still operate out of that studio,” Dr Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Lifestyle Group, told Gulf Business in a recent interview in Dubai.

50 years of Porsche Design going from luxury real estate to horology

FA Porsche’s first product out of that studio was a revolutionary watch – the Porsche Design Orfina Chronograph – which was the first commercially available timepiece with a full black case. The initial boost came from the Porsche company itself which was looking for a suitable gift for long standing employees. They ordered a watch with a guaranteed purchase volume of 20 per year.

In the interview reported by Gulf Business, Becker says that there was always a meticulous method that FA Porsche followed, and one that the design studio follows to this day. “Back then, watches were mainly in silver and gold, and were considered to be jewellery pieces. FA Porsche asserted instead that the main function of a watch is to show the time. So, he went to the car and looked at the dashboard, the speed indicators, and that’s what he transmitted into the watch. It was a black watch with white indices, and it represents our philosophy of [merging] design and functionality,” notes Becker.

Porsche Design brand acts in many different product categories including watches, sunglasses, luggage, electronics and athleisure offerings, including sneakers, clothing, hotels and even real estate.

Hotel Business

The brand is also venturing in the hotel business. The traditional German hotel brand Steigenberger entered recently into a partnership with Porsche Design to announce the Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotels. “(…)So what we are going to do with a Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotel is to be a lifestyle luxury hotel brand that is not so stiff and is a bit modern,” explains Becker in the interview.

Porsche Design plans to have its own luxury hotel chain
Photo: Rendering courtesy of Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts

Luxury Real Estate Venture

Regarding Real Estate, the brand partnered with one of the biggest luxury developers in Florida to build the amazing Porsche Design Tower, located in the elegant and exclusive neighborhood of Sunny Isles Beach. The luxury oceanfront building in Miami offers owners a high-tech car elevator, called Dezervator, that allows owners to park their fancy cars inside the unit. The building also provides a private pool and summer kitchen in each balcony. It’s the concept of a house in the sky!

Porsche Design Tower Sunny Isles Beach

About Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is an island next to Aventura and Bal Harbour. It is one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Miami. Predominantly residential, Sunny Isles offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and is even known as the “Riviera of Florida”. The island was chosen by several developers to build luxury oceanfront condos. The most famous of these is the Porsche Design Tower, a branded tower with 51 rides that allows owners to park their cars inside the apartment, thanks to a state-of-the-art automotive elevator named Dezervator.

Like Porsche, the island will soon receive another Brand Residence Tower, the Bentley Tower. Bentley Residences in Sunny Isles Beach will also offer or offer Dezervator to their owners.

Other luxury condominiums in Sunny Isles are the Acqualina Three Towers (Acqualina Resort, Estates at Acqualina and Mansions at Acqualina), Ritz Carlton Residences, Regalia, Muse, Residences by Armani Casa, among others.

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