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With South Florida’s stay-at-home orders in full swing, many people are using their kitchens a lot more frequently. So how does one stock it up like a pro? We turned to eight top chefs around Miami to ask for their best tips for pantry staples.

Below eight different chefs from around Miami share the ingredients and tools that help them prepare restaurant-caliber meals at home. So stock up on those groceries, and get to cooking.

Shio Koji, shiro miso, soy sauce, fish sauce, good quality olive oil, chicken stock, and something spicy like yuzu red kosho. I never run out of oats. I eat a big bowl of rolled oats with homemade yogurt and fruits every day. I tend to my fermentation projects, such as kombucha, yogurt, and sourdough. Once you get them started, you just have to maintain and refresh them. — Oliver Lange, Zuma Corporate Executive Chef

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8 Miami Chefs Share Their Favorite Pantry Staples
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