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Every day, more and more big names are moving to Miami. From Wall Street giants, to Silicon Valley Elites, to CEOs, there are many, many people joining the Miami relocation craze. In fact, Scott Minerd, the Chief Investment Officer and founding managing partner at Guggenheim Partners is following this trend. Minerd is heading to one of Miami’s most sought-after neighborhoods: Edgewater.

In fact, Scott Minerd bought two penthouses at Biscayne Beach fo $12.5 million. This is a 51-story luxury condo tower in Edgewater. Both units combined will take up an entire floor in the building. Combined, the units measue over 22,000 square feet. In addition, they will feature 11 bedrooms, two swimming pools, private elevator access, and an overall top luxury lifestyle. In fact, this will be the largest condo ever sold in Miami-Dade county based on square feet.

Minerd is the largest high-profile to join the Miami relocation craze. He plans to keep his home in California, but will become a Florida resident, which requires him to spend six months of the year living here.

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another huge name is joinin gthe miami relocation craze

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