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The allure of one of the most prized ultra-luxury residential high-rises in the world goes beyond its iconic, sculpted silhouette and dreamy art-clad interiors. For Jade Signature, Herzog & de Meuron’s architectural masterpiece in Sunny Isles Beach, the beauty of its structural design expands over a lush, oasis-like setting on the beach.

Here, where turquoise and cobalt-blue Caribbean waters break over an unspoiled stretch of sugar-soft sand, landscape architecture authority Raymond Jungles has created a verdant, Zen-like work-of-art.

When Jungles was tapped by the project’s award-winning developer, Fortune International Group, to transform the property into an opulent retreat, he exceeded every expectation.  The end-result was incomparable to any other area condominium.  

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Jade Signature in Sunny Isles Beach
Photo Credit: Leo Diaz
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