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The pitfall of multi-million dollar apartment living is finding a space to park your collection of multi-million dollar cars. We know, first world problems.

But those problems are soon to be gone! The lucky few who can snag an apartment in the soon to be finished Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Florida will enjoy the option of an up to nine car garage, with built-in elevators to take owners directly to their residence – while still sitting comfortably behind the wheel.

Porsche Design Tower Miami

The generous parking lots feature the same breathtaking sea views as the apartments on the other 60 floors, and span over 1100 square metres with capacity to fit four, six or nine cars, depending on the wealth of the owner. Parking your Merc or Ferrari in one of these prestigious car parks doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it costs just as much as the wheels that will be sitting in there with a starting price at a staggering $2.3 million. And that’s in addition to what you’ve already forked out for the apartment itself!

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